Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rough week

Well this week I spent 2 days at the hospital and 1 day at the dr's and 2 days getting test done. So I am tired and sore and mentally worn out. I had a little flare-up with the fibro and my pancreatitis. Found out that I have gastritis and a hiatal hernia and I have a kidney stone in my right kidney. So like I have said it's been a long week. Still have more test to do and have to change my diet and raise the head of my bed to help relieve my stomach. Oh and of course I have new meds, go figure. My stomach is bloated and I can't fit in my clothes so I walk around in pj's or sweat pants. Was really hoping that this year would give my health a little break but I guess not. Not to sure about the new stuff I have to need to do research on it all so I can try to fix and or live with it all. So if you are reading this and you know something about any of this please let me know. I hope everyone else had a better week and no matter how this week went that next week will be better.

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